Wednesday, 27 June 2012


if life is a test, then i guess, true freedom can only be attained by leaving what is wrong and doing what is right as defined by islam.

bad habits, things that have imprisoned you for all this while must go. if not, no salvation can be found in life or that after.

Friday, 1 June 2012

superiority via condescension

i guess the aphorism holds true. "highlighting flaws does not make one superior".

i've been perusing through the chrestomathy of certain authors that seem enthused of putting others down in their effort of promoting superiority.

well, what can i say. this *prehistoric* rhetorical strategy might've worked at one of those mamak stall debates but in here, it's completely futile.

still, gotta hand it to you, it's kinda cute.

after years of supposedly intellectual evolution, these people have not grown beyond their primitive needs. needs that i used to witness in my early years of schooling, are now dominant yet again.