Sunday, 17 February 2013


i used to believe that reading novels is a waste of time. :) do forgive me if this uncalled for remark appears to be somewhat offensive.

don't get me wrong, i admire the artistic expression and all, but the repetitive nature of certain novels, especially those specializing in romaunt, can be quite stultifying.

recently though, i've gotten my hands on a collection of 19th century literature revolving on sherlock holmes. it's a classic and never thought i'd say this.. but WOW.

im trying my best to cut down the time i spend on watching TV and investigative literature is a compelling alternative to that. gonna take back my words. novels ain't a bore if u know how to choose.

the best way to read sherlock holmes is to 'predict' the culprit and why he/she is so, via the clues hidden intricately within the novel. it keeps ur mind completely engaged. a definite wow indeed.